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Ent Moot

Tales and stories of places that never were and never will be.

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Ent Moot is a livejournal book club specializing in Fantasy and Science Fiction novels.
Inspired by the conversations of two former co-workers, Ent Moot was created to provide a forum for the conversations to continue, hopefully with a great many added voices.
Approximately every month or two, a book will be selected and in the following weeks, we'll discuss! Any genre fiction news or other items of interest are also welcome. For posts pertaining to the current selection (or any previous selection for that matter,) please put the book's title in the subject line of your post, along with the page number. This will allow slower readers to avoid spoilers. Thanks!
Any other ideas for the community? Drop me a line.

Current Book Selection: A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Previous Selections:
The Grand Crusade by Mike Stackpole
When Dragons Rage by Mike Stackpole
Fortress Draconis by Mike Stackpole
The Dark Glory War by Mike Stackpole