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Where we at? Nov. 5th, 2004 @ 11:19 am
Anybody out there still reading? S'been quiet around here.
I'm now about a hundred pages into When Dragons Rage
, waiting patiently for that revelation that warlock138 has promised. I'm quite sure he's finished the whole trilogy, what with a job that lets him sit around and read all night. If so, where are your posts, bitch?

We interrupt this program... Oct. 18th, 2004 @ 12:15 am
This is interesting.
Our very own Mike Stackpole's essay about who he's voting for in November and why. Having met this guy and spent some time with him in a professional capacity (albeit all too briefly,) I'm once again reminded of the qualities that I found so inspiring in him.
Click here.

Fortress Draconis, pg 456 Sep. 29th, 2004 @ 01:30 am
I'm currently at Chapter 50, and frankly, bored. I think Stackpole's style is better suited to having a single main character, instead of jumping from point of view to point of view, which granted is a standard technique in the genre, but I'm not sure each character's internal "voice" is distinct or engaging enough to warrant the switch in styles. Following the entire story through Tarrant's eyes in The Dark Glory War was a better use of the author's strengths I feel.
I'm not sure I care enough about Alyx, despite her interesting background. And Kerrigan has yet to be likeable at all. Of course, I'm sure he's supposed to be that way at this point in the story, but I don't care much about him. Will, on the other hand, is fun. But I find myself dragging my feet through the bits without Will, Crow and Resolute... waiting to get back to the trio. It's like "Phantom Menace" syndrome. Yeah, yeah, enough with the stupid kid and his starfighter. Fuck the Queen and the droids. Get back to the lightsaber fight!

Fortress Draconis Sep. 21st, 2004 @ 03:09 pm
I rescind my former comments about not thinking these books read like Military Fantasy. More comments later.

How's everyone else coming along?

The Dark Glory War (In Summary) Sep. 13th, 2004 @ 09:38 am
I apologize, I started writing an entry like this last week but then it got interrupted by that thing I call a job. And other then that, I haven't been motivated to write all weekend.

As evidenced by Paul's last entry, I have finished the Dark Glory War and I have to say that I tremendously enjoyed it.

Cutting my thoughts just in case they're spoilersCollapse )

I apologize for my laziness and hopefully i'll be a little more active with this upcoming book.
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» Time to move on...
O.K., I know Brian (warlock138) and Larry (sexualtapioca) have both finished the book, though I'm not sure where Tracy (llyric) is.
Larry, what's your deal man? I made this community for you! And now I get no comment love. :)

Anyway, barring any members that haven't peeped up, I say it's time to move on. Everyone seems to have enjoyed Stackpole, so let's just plow through the trilogy I say.

Fortress Draconis
Read it!
» C'mon bitches.
I know at least two of you have finished Dark Glory War and not made a single post!

Looking forward to having the community continue on with the whole series. And for anyone who cares, I'm in the middle of reading the Narnia books for the first time since grade school. Inspired to do so after naming my kitten Aslan.
» Dark Glory War, pg.402

Well, the climax sure was tasty. Yet again, I thought I was in for another cliche, as the remainder of the force going after Chytrine was forced to travel through Boragul (shades of Moria here..), but I was once again pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere of despair and corruption ran thick, and despite a fairly decent welcome for our heroes, Stackpole managed to keep an undercurrent of threat and menace running deeply throughout these scenes, until of course, the true nature of the threat is revealed.
I was pleasantly surprised at the ferocity with which Stackpole seemingly killed off just about all of the major characters. And despite the cliche of Chytrine wanting to banter with Tarrant instead of just killing him, offering him a bargain and a chance even... the ultimate fate of Tarrant's companions was just evil.
Truely, Stackpole's set up a rich, tragic figure to act as a main character (if indeed he even is that) for the main body of the saga. A young man, betrayed by a snotty nobleman (Prince Scrainwood turned out the be more trouble than he seemed he would be, eh?), stripped of his cultural identity, disowned by his father, and armed with a sword containing the spirit of a heroically suicidal weirun.
Looking forward to Fortress Draconis. I just hope that Nay shows up again. I liked that guy.
I'm curious, dwarfrage, are the subsequent books reliant upon events in this first book? Or is Dark Glory War more just a lengthy set-up for that character of Tarrant? (if you can answer of course, without giving much away.)
» just in case...
...you were interested, they have released the name of the 6th HP book. "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince".

That is all.
» Hey Everyone! Question for members!
Just wanted to see where everyone stands. Wanted to know who's reading the book, who intends to and just hasn't picked it up yet.
I finished Dark Glory War last week sometime, and clearly dwarfrage has just reread the entire four books recently, but what about the rest of you? I'm eagerly wanting to get onto the next book, but so far, all conversation has pretty much been between me and dwarfrage. Is keeping Dark Glory War as the book choice through September a good idea? To allow everyone to catch up and get in the swing of things?
Feedback appreciated.
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